Обзор Level Up’a 2012. Part 3

Уже само наличие третьей части обзора говорит от том, что в производство АМВ-роликов вливается большое количество народа, но, хоть и желающие и исчисляются десятками, талантливые из них, человек этак 5. Так или иначе, но в этот конкурс втянулся и клипмэйкер года Shin со своим падаваном Гюнтером (aka. Summer), с которым они как то раз сделали клип Fate Matrix. И да, всем хорошего настроения и приятного просмотра.

Итак, продолжаем:

AMV — Hallucination

[youtube width=»600″ height=»365″ video_id=»83Z4W3AoBnY»]

Комментарий автора: After experiencing the most tragic event of their childhood, Jinta along with four other friends are unable to forget their past. Menma, a girl around the age of 7 and very close friend to Jinta, passes away after having a small fight with the five leaving her to accidentally fall off the edge of a steep hill and into a river, passing away on site. All five of her friends feel regret for not being able to save Menma but her death hits hardest to Jinta because they were closest and had deep feelings towards her. Several years pass and the friends were able to move on with their lives, except for Jinta. He has become depressed over the loss and still feels it was mostly his fault. As he is about to reach his breaking point, a ghost form of Menma appears before him and only him. The other friends are unable to see Menma and claims Jinta to be seeing a hallucination, to make up for his past.

I really enjoyed working with Aimo on this project because I look up to her as one of my inspirations in editing! She was very patient with me because I constantly changed my song and concept in the past months of the contest ^^; I thank her for all of the things she taught me such as effects to get the slightly altered storyline just right! I especially appreciate her teaching me how to use VirtualDub, Zarxgui, and getting the right codecs! Thank you for everything May! <3


Аниме: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai
Музыка: Trading Yesterday — Love Song Requiem

Авторы: Novice: AnimAe, Pro: AimoAio

AMV — Disco 4.0

[youtube width=»600″ height=»365″ video_id=»g5RdaaBr1go»]

Вот он, еще один потенциальный победитель, довольно не плохой танцевальный ролик, правда для жанра он вошел в канон, да и музыка во второй половине немного огорчает.

Комментарий автора: So, Shin and I started discussing Level Up back before Akross was even over, and we bounced ideas back and forth while working on Fate Matrix. We ended up with a really challenging concept I was excited about, but technical issues and time limits made it impossible. So we changed gears.

We decided to go for a dance-upbeat video, and I wanted to focus mostly on my transitions and timing, since those are Shin’s strong suits. I also ended up learning alot about the technical side of editing as well. AMVsimple, MeGUI, and ZarxGUI among others were all new to me, but Shin walked me through them. Also, a big shoutout to JazzVids and Gotegenks for giving me advice on add layers and deinterlacing. Another shoutout to Pochomaluv and IleiaAMVs for being such good cheerleaders when I got down on myself.

My pro of course also gets my shoutout! He’s been giving me pointers since the moment we met, I think xD. He’s never refused a question, no matter how frequent or annoying. And when I forced him to watch beta after beta, he hardly complained. I’m sure this isn’t the end of all the things I’ll learn from him.

So, after a few months of work, I give you DISCO 4.0.


Аниме: To Aru no Railgun/Majutsu no Index I/II, Sayounara Zetsubou, Yogurting, K-On!, Fortune Arterial, Baka To Test, Yoko Stars, MM!, Macross Frontier, Bakemonogatari, Angel Beats, Crow’s Song, Nichijou, Mawaru Penguindrum, The Tatami Galaxy, Lucky Star Rosario + Vampire, Idolmaster, Denpa Onna, C3, Munto, Eureka 7, Melancholy of Haruhi, Seitokai Yakuindomo
Музыка: David Guetta ft. Rihanna — Who’s the Chick Monster Remix

Авторы: Novice: GuntherAMVs, Pro: Shin

GMV — Illusion

[youtube width=»600″ height=»365″ video_id=»SEZ6ORwpwuI»]

Дожили, самому пришлось видео на ютюб грузить, ну и ладно. то что вы сейчас увидели называют «фарш под альтернативу», ну или как-то так.

Комментарий автора: Рекомендуемые правила просмотра:
1. Не рекомендуется смотреть в превью. Лучше скачать полную версию видео или c зеркала — там HD.
2. Включив проигрыватель желательно отодвинуться от мониторов подальше.
3. Желаем вам приятного просмотра.

P.S. Было очень здорово работать в команде, спасибо Аксису за дельные советы и пинки в нужный момент. Ну в прочем я довольна этой работой.
P.S.S. Танкист одобряет =)

Еще бы танкист не одобрял, я у него кроме GMV ничего не видел.


Кхм… Игры: Devil May Cry, Assasin’s Creed
Музыка: Epic Score — Enraged

Авторы: Novice: Sintara, Pro: AxisPOV

AMV — Nobody here is perfectly  fine

[youtube width=»600″ height=»365″ video_id=»92EaFTLultw»]

Один большой спойлер!!!

Комментарий автора: Firstly… I.AM.EXHAUSED.TO.THE.EXTREME ._______.
If you were to cross-breed a snail and a turtle … then the result would be probably my editing pace LOL. I am terribly sorry to May for being such an unreliable novice ;___; ( I even thought of just dropping it because I started to hate the acoustic version of this song /shot) but after all I think it was worth it! 😀 She gave me so many tips and reliable feedbacks for the pacing (which is my overall-weak point) the sync and the mood, therefore I am extremely thankful to her In general I really enjoy editing to slow paced songs, but then my pacing will be even slower than the actual song, so I simply hope I leveled up at it with this little creation of mine :3


Аниме: Mawaru Penguindrum
Музыка: My Favorite Highway — Bigger Than Love

Авторы: Novice: Kamih, Pro: AimoAio

AMV — Love Addict

[youtube width=»600″ height=»365″ video_id=»i8r5Oa_V3so»]

Господа, это ТРЕШ, лицам младше 18 лет к просмотру не рекомендуется! А что я говорю, лицам младше 18 смотреть НЕЛЬЗЯ!

Комментарий автора: Доброго времени суток, друзья) Вот и мой первый ЛА, первый серьезный опыт работы в АЕ, да и первый серьезный клип) Давно хотел себя попробывать на ньюсе, и вот подвернулся ЛА и Бром. Было приятно с ним работать и спасибо ему за огромную помощь и поддерджку. Апнулся нехило) Думаю бессноные ночи не прошли даром и надеюсь, что Бром и в дальнейшем будет мне помогать и будем поддерживать связь. Наслаждайтесь клипом!)


Аниме: Afrosamurai, Bakemonogatari, Black Lagoon, Goshushou-sama, Ninomiya-kun, K-ON!, Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo OVA, Konakon, Kuro Ai — Hitoyozumakan Inkou Rannyuuroku, Seifuku, Seikon no Qwaser II, Sekirei, Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu, To Love-Ru.
Музыка: Family Force 5 – Love Addict

Авторы: Novice: Erushka^^, Pro: Br0m

AMV —  Vendetta

[youtube width=»600″ height=»365″ video_id=»uv_Y1osa2rM»]

Комментарий про: Hi everybody, here is the entry of my fellow Darkstalker for Level Up 2012. Last year I joined the contest and it was a great experience. So this year I wanted to help other editors to improve their skills in amv making. But unfortunately on three novices only this one finished the job in times and I couldn’t help him like I hoped because he was very busy with school stuffs… Nonetheless, I helped him on the few first seconds and on the whole video quickly these three last days.

About the video, I think it’s not a bad action amv even if it’s not the result I think he could have achieve with more help. Anyway he still improved so I guess this contest was usefull for him!

I think I should stop writing and let you (I hope) enjoy this amv!


Аниме: Darker Than Black
Музыка: Tobymac — Ignition

Авторы: Novice: Darkstalker, Pro: Echotrooper

AMV — My Illusion World

[youtube width=»600″ height=»365″ video_id=»05MzKp-yAeo»]

Комментарий автора: This AMV really gave me a lot of work for me and for my old Pentium IV XD, each 8/10 attempts to mask my Sony gave error and closed kkkkk But in the end I really loved this AMV, rewarded each effort (and rage) I spent editing. I also thought it would not have time to deliver, because until yesterday (25/02) had not yet straightened it all o.O
My Pro Shinzo really helped me a lot, he’s really good, he let me do my idea, but then he was polishing my work, with comments and tips ^ ^, and also think that forcing someone to do certain idea would be not so good; so I loved it. But Shinzo always been a «Pro» for me, since we met, but this latest project he really worked very hard ^ ^ (including this morning xD)


Аниме: Chaos;Head, School Days, Code Geass, Fate/Stay Night — Unlimited Blade Works, Toaru Majutsu no Index II
Музыка: A Perfect Circle — The Outsider (Renholder Apocalypse Mix)

Авторы: Novice: Pat, Pro: Shinzo

AMV — Dirty Little Secret

[youtube width=»600″ height=»365″ video_id=»JHnWPsrt65Y»]

Бром прямо таки на расхват, самый популярный про

Комментарий автора: Первая работа для кона на ньюзе, что в принципе радует ) Очень рад, что попал к Br0m’у в новайсы. Было приятно общаться и слушать все его наставления, что и как.. для себя узнал много важных-мелких, но существенных деталей в АЕ. Надеюсь, что связь с Br0m’oм не будет утеряна и попрежнему будем общаться. Вопросов ещё масса, лишь бы было побольше свободного времени.
По клипу… надеюсь он хотя бы улыбнёт ^ ^

Аниме: Maken-ki, YuruYuri, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai
Музыка: The All American Rejects — Dirty Little Secret

Авторы: Novice: Iggy, Pro: Br0m

На этом пока все, ибо я немного зае*ался. С вас, думаю,  хватит.

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